Your one-stop sourcing company in the Asia-Pacific

The Industrial Emporium or T.I.E has been a long-term sourcing & procurement partner for many top clients, providing an end-to-end service for businesses across the world, from entrepreneurial startups to global corporations.
We offer a one-stop shop for all commercial products sourcing. While most supply companies use the services of a retailer, distributor, stock product supplier, overseas trading firms and factories, we combine all of that into one.

A global presence with vast industry experience

Based in the United Kingdom, the home of the industrial revolution – Britain was once the powerhouse of manufacturing but in the last few decades – manufacturing in the UK has been in rapid decline. We are working towards promoting British manufacturing as much as we can and exporting our goods globally. Where sourcing and manufacturing of certain products in the UK is not possible we have those strong links with Europe and Asia to source products from overseas.

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