Frequently Asked Questions

As an Industrial Emporium company, we know all the ins and outs of product sourcing. Our holistic commercial product sourcing services assist businesses by delivering exceptional service and providing well-made products through a simplified sourcing process.To help you understand our service, we’ve answered the following frequently asked questions.

Product sourcing is finding dependable suppliers in the market to purchase and/or manufacture quality items for your business
A sourcing company handles the entire process of finding suitable manufacturers, overseeing production and (if necessary) arranging delivery of the goods to your business.
Our on-the-ground team ensure the appropriate and dependable manufacturers are used, taking the hassle and unknowns out of a company trying to source goods directly.
We provide product sourcing services by locating qualified suppliers, creating prototypes, negotiating contract conditions, performing quality control during manufacturing, and arranging global delivery. Through our unrivalled access to manufacturers, we can combine supplier resources, saving you time and money.
We use our extensive manufacturer network to find the most suitable manufacturer for your sourcing order. Our criteria of qualification involve checking that the source matches your specifications before negotiating the best pricing and contract conditions. We will also verify that the manufacturers have all of the necessary permits to export goods outside of the country and to their final destination, as well as meeting any other criteria your business may have.
Before an order/design is confirmed we'll provide you with a quote from a qualified supplier that details your product specs. We'll provide you with mock-ups of what the final product will look like. We'll always require the customer's approval before sampling and production is done.
After you've confirmed the order and are happy with the design, we'll ask for a deposit to commence your order's production. The production process varies from product to product but will generally take 3-5 weeks.
Samples can be made before entering full-scale production for you to inspect. A member of our team will also provide an in-depth quality check report to ensure that the product meets your qualifications. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the quality and specifications, we can then enter full-scale production.
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